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AAP joins National "Day of Action" against Bill C-51

KITCHENER — Protesters took to Kitchener City Hall at noon on Saturday to join a nationwide protest against the government's new anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51. ...

More than 100 protesters gathered in civic square outside Kitchener City Hall at the same time over 55 other similar protests and rallies across the country as part of a national Day of Action against the policing bill.

The local rally was organized by local activists, Alliance Against Poverty and Brayden McNeill, a University of Waterloo student and environmentalist.

"It will chip away at Canadian's basic rights," McNeill told a reporter. "People will be scared to act out in civil disobedience."

On the podium, McNeill told protesters that as an environmentalist he shouldn't feel threatened by a piece of legislation that would potentially make protesting illegal.

Critics, like Waterloo Green party candidate, Richard Walsh, called the bill completely unacceptable. He invited people from the crowd onto the podium to share their thoughts in an open forum. ...

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green party, has openly criticized the bill along with New Democrat leader Tom Mulcair. Both leaders were expected to join similar Day of Action protests in Montreal and Toronto on Saturday....

One protester's sign read: "Harper's C-51 equals Orwell's 1984 on steroids," pointing to George Orwell's popular dystopian fiction novel, "1984."

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Go to the link below to sign a petition calling for serious amendments to or the rejection of Bill C-51