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Action beats talk: Milloy's inaction unethical

With considerable interest I read Luisa D'Amato's column concerning the appointment of John Milloy as co-director of the Centre for Public Ethics at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. I certainly wish that I could share her enthusiasm and optimism.

My own pessimism derives from Milloy's time in the "pressure cooker" of political office. As I recall, Milloy was not open to taking up the cause of those who are living in poverty and turned a deaf ear to the pleas of some who were advocating for justice on their behalf. To my way of thinking, his lack of concern and inaction at that time were unethical.

When he spoke at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary last week John made reference to two "serious issues": the difficulty of some in finding meaningful work and environmental challenges. I would urge him to add the concerns of hunger and homelessness, the increasing gap between rich and poor, an inadequate minimum wage, our aging population and their many needs, and so on.

I sincerely hope that Milloy will also take opportunity to meet with community groups such as the Alliance Against Poverty to lend his support. In case he has forgotten, actions speak louder than words.

Pastor Judi Harris

Waterloo Re: John Milloy's departure from the 'pressure cooker' will be our gain — April 9

Waterloo Region Record