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AAP organizes Waterloo Rally - Calls for $15 Minimum Wage

WATERLOO — Speakers at a rally in front of Waterloo Town Square on Wednesday called for the Ontario minimum wage to be boosted to $15 an hour.

The rally, organized by the local Alliance Against Poverty group and supported by the labour council, was part of a North American campaign to boost the minimum wage, promote full-time, permanent jobs, require businesses to give employees at least five paid sick days a year, protect workers from unjust dismissal and make it easier for employees to join unions. ...

The popular contention that a $15 minimum wage would kill small businesses is a myth, Xuereb said in an interview. The extra money made by workers would be spent in the community, helping businesses, he said. It's an economic development strategy," Xuereb said.

Brayden McNeill, a member of Alliance Against Poverty, said it's a "disgrace" that so many Ontario workers with full-time jobs live in poverty.

"The minimum wage should be a reflection of the individual's needs to live a life of dignity, not a pittance hauled grudgingly from the vast wallets of the business owners. Everyone could agree that hard-working people should be able to live a life comfortably after working eight hours a day."

Richard Walsh, the federal Green party candidate for Waterloo, said there is a big difference between a minimum wage and a living wage.

"Even $15 is far from what people need to live on," he said, adding a solution would be the Green party's proposed guaranteed livable income.

More information on the campaign to boost the minimum wage is at To read full Waterloo Region Record article by Gordon Paul: