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KW Day of Action Against Bill C-51

This is a CALL OUT to gather publicly and voice our opposition to Harper's Anti-Terror Act, Bill C-51. Folks are welcome to meet up at Kitchener City Hall on March 14th at 12pm, 200 King St W. Federal Green party candidate Richard Walsh will be giving a short speech. We are encouraging people to rally, march, talk to locals, plan direct actions or whatever it is they want to do. Open minds and diversity of tactics are recommended. This is part of the National Day of Action against Bill C-51 and will be taking place all over the country. Go to the link below to sign a petition calling for serious amendments to or the rejection of Bill C-51 The proposed legislation should be of concern to all people living in "Canada" because It would legally allow for violations of our Civil Liberties for the sake of “National Security”, including but not limited to: -unwarranted surveillance -monitoring of any person's whereabouts, social networks and communications both on and off-line -the ability to detain, arrest and criminally charge a person for their speech alone as the definition of “terrorism” and “inciting terrorism” remain as broad but serious offences; countless individuals including politicians, academics and legal experts believe that the law could be applied to just about anyone with a political mindset including peaceful activists, land defenders, journalists, whistleblowers, etc. -it would ultimately give CSIS so much power that it becomes a secret police force with unlimited capabilities; it would allow CSIS, CSEC, RCMP, government workers and local police forces to indiscriminantly monitor and collect information about whoever they want, and share it with one another in a larger clampdown on supposed “threats”. There would also likely be more collaboration with NSA and GCHQ, and between the “Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance” of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States. -all of this would be done with little to no oversight This bill is going to affect literally everyone in the country. But most of all, it will affect people who are not Canadian citizens such as Immigrant and Migrant folks, as well as Indigenous peoples, Muslims, any oppressed or marginalized group, journalists, progressive free thinkers, hackers, radicals and anyone who isn't white. We are demanding the government withdraw Bill C-51 and that any subsequent legislation be met with full transparency and rigorous public dialogue prior to being tabled. We are also calling on more M.P.s to wake up to the true nature of this bill, to defend their constituents and speak out against it. *Note: This is a call out only. We are not taking charge in any way, shape or form but simply wanted to spread awareness and get some dialogue going. People are free to do and not do whatever they want. It is HIGHLY recommended that you DO NOT talk about your ideas here or anywhere on Facebook. It is unsafe. Go here for more information on communicating securely: Safe Space Policy: “Everyone deserves to feel safe and valuable. Safe space is a collective responsibility. It means being free from sexual violence, psychological and physical abuse, racism, sexism, colonial violence, heterosexism and homophobia, cissexism and transphobia, gender role enforcement, persecution on the basis of religion or spirituality (or lack thereof), ableism, ageism, and all forms of oppression. Since a safe space is a collective responsibility, it is our behaviours, thoughts, and actions that make spaces safer for everyone.