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AAP Members your Green Party choice for Federal Race

A local professor and well-known social justice advocate has defected from the New Democratic Party and joined the Green Party in a bid to win a seat in the next federal election.

Richard Walsh, a professor of psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University since 1986, decided to make the shift to the Greens after representing the NDP in five separate provincial and federal elections, he said. He most recently ran in the 2011 election as an independent....

“All the other parliamentary parties don’t really pay much attention or take very seriously escalating climate change.”

Walsh brings a high profile to the race for the Greens as he is an award-winning professor and a published author, and is the co-founder of the Alliance Against Poverty.

He is the only candidate to come forward for the party and nominations have closed. Party members will have the opportunity to choose Walsh as their local candidate on March 1, or they could vote against Walsh and hope another candidate comes forward....

Walsh said the upcoming election could represent a turning point for Canada. To him, the Greens represent a progressive, forward-thinking model that best suits Canadian values, such as protecting the environment, supporting the lower class and promoting peace around the world.

“I believe the Green Party has policies that are suited for the 21st century, whereas the mainstream political parties — the Conservatives, the New Democrats and the Liberals — are stuck in 20th century policies that are not working for 21st century realities,” Walsh said.

David Weber, also of the Alliance Against Poverty (AAP)

Riding: Kitchener South - Hespeler

Phone: 519-591-5773 Email:

David Weber, 49 years old, is a lifetime resident of Waterloo region. His 27 years as a police officer have led him to conclude that our society can benefit from Green Party ideas. David believes an MP’s responsibilities are first, to his local constituents; next, to the country; and lastly, to his party.

In policing, he has seen increasing poverty negatively impacting individuals and our communities. Real world examples are proving that the costs of reacting to poverty are far greater than the cost of eliminating poverty itself. David now volunteers with a grassroots “Alliance Against Poverty” organization, but also wants to effect change from within government, which currently appears indifferent to poverty issues. As an elected Green, he will ensure that action is taken to eliminate poverty.

David was a Progressive Conservative supporter before that party collapsed. The current Conservative Party coming from the PC’s ashes consists of the far right views of the Reform and Alliance parties; "progressive" was removed from their name and values. Looking for a truly progressive alternative, David was intrigued by Elizabeth May’s integrity and intelligence; he studied the Green Party’s evidence-based policies, finding that their platform is sensible, fiscally responsible, ecologically sustainable for healthy humans on a healthy planet and is fair to all members of society.

David is a volunteer at Fair Vote Canada, an organization that believes that government representation should accurately reflect voters’ party support. No party with less than 50% of the vote should ever have 100% control of our government, as is currently the case. And a party with significant national support should have a voice for those voters, even if their votes aren’t concentrated enough in specific ridings, as is currently needed to win seats. Our current flawed voting system represents only the rich and powerful voters. David supports Proportional Representation reforms to ensure that all our voices are heard. Issues of sustainable renewable energy, environmental protection, wage and tax fairness, poverty elimination and social justice all are more attainable with a PR voting system. to read full Waterloo Chronicle article by James Jackson: