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Access to Emergency Food Bank

Please sign our petition to Reinstate Route 18 or provide transit access to the House of Friendship on Guelph St.:

In April, 2014 Grand River Transit cancelled Route #18 (Guelph St.) citing low ridership. Despite the low ridership, this bus route was important since it provided the only public transit access to the emergency food hamper program offered by the House of Friendship.

Guelph St. is without sidewalks and the nearest bus stop is hundreds of meters away. Patrons of the emergency food hamper program are often on disability, elderly, single mothers, or have difficulty carrying the heavy food hamper for some reason or another. The Alliance Against Poverty demonstrated publicly against the cancellation and organized a meeting with Grand River Transit to propose a small change to Route #6, which would again provide service to the House of Friendship.

Unfortunately, Grand River Transit declined the free advice and have yet to provide an alternative. If you would like Grand River Transit to reinstate bus service to the House of Friendship, either through a diversion of Route #6 or other means, please sign the petition.