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Endurance Walk-a-Thon

On April 28, 2014, GRT intends to eliminate bus service to a large section of the existing Route 18, including the section of Guelph Street where the emergency food hamper program is operated by the House of Friendship. Thousands of low-income KW residents rely on the emergency food hamper to feed themselves and their families; many of these low-income residents rely on public transit to access needed resources.

Join us, the Alliance Against Poverty (AAP),

on Wednesday, April 16th @ 4:30pm

at King St & Victoria St, Kitchener

where AAP members will be carrying food hampers to show solidarity with the patrons of the emergency food hamper program. The walk will begin at Victoria St and end at Moore Ave, the approximate distance patrons of the program will need to walk after the proposed changes. Support your low-income community members by signing the petition demanding that GRT stop the changeto Route 18 or expand Route 6 to include the stop at the House of Friendship Food Hamper program. Food and money donations to the House of Friendship are welcomed.

The most vulnerable members of KW should not be the target of budget “efficiencies.”