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Stop the Liberal war on the poor

AAP members joined the "Stop the Liberal War on the Poor" march on Sat. March 22, 2014.

Details on the march are below, and you can view the video posted on Toronto Media Co-op by Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance: "Anti-Poverty March Disrupts Liberal Convention - Toronto"

Raise the Rates March to the Ontario Liberal Party Convention

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Assemble at Metro Hall, King and John, 1.00 PM

Meal, rally and march

Our Pots and pans are empty, bring yours to bang!!!!!!!!!!

*Buses coming in from Sudbury, Kingston, Kitchener-Waterloo and more - Kathleen Wynne is every inch a Liberal. She talks about poverty reduction while imposing deeper poverty on communities. She has been a leading member of the Government all along while social assistance (OW and ODSP) rates have lost even more of their spending power. She was a cabinet minister while the minimum wage was frozen, while the Special Diet was slashed and while the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit was being eliminated. There is no question that the Liberals added their own misery to the brutal cuts that the Harris Tories imposed in 1995. Today a single person on Ontario Works is expected to survive on just $626 a month, while rent and cost of living continues to rise beyond reach.

As we head into another round of provincial elections in the spring, we will not be swayed by fake gestures and empty rhetoric from any politicians.

We're going to march on the Convention to demand from all parties:

·Raise OW and ODSP 55% to restore the spending power lost since 1995!

·Provide a $14 an hour minimum wage fully indexed to inflation!

·Fully restore the Special Diet and Community Start Up Benefits!

·No merger of OW and ODSP, stop the attack on Disability benefits!

Organized and Endorsed by: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty, Kingston Coalition Against Poverty, Poverty Makes Us Sick Waterloo Region, CUPE - Ontario, and more!