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Poverty Barely on the Radar in Provincial Election

Oscar Cole-Arnal is a member of a local anti-poverty group that gave all four major parties a low score in terms of addressing poverty.

His group, Alliance Against Poverty, gave grades ranging from a high of C-plus for the New Democratic Party to a low of F for the Green party.

“I think poverty as an issue is largely being ignored in the campaign by all major parties,” he said.

“My hunch is they fear they may lose votes if they talk about poverty.”

Cole-Arnal said the NDP, the party that should be the most in tune with people in poverty, didn’t score better than a C-plus because their platform is “way shy of what it should be.

“I think the NDP are Liberals in a hurry.”

To read more of the KW Record Sept. 30, 2011 article, Poverty Barely on the Radar in Provincial Election: