AAP Agreement of Membership

August 28, 2013

Our Mission Statement 

We are an alliance of individuals from a variety of economic and social situations who strive to end poverty within our society by:

  •  Practicing solidarity between those who have enough and those who do not have enough.

  • Learning from one another through experience, reflection, and action.

  • Applying direct political pressure to all three levels of government to end poverty.

  • Maintaining a personal commitment to AAP’s values and consensual actions.


    Principles of Action

 The principles to which members should commit themselves for one year are:


[1] Personal participation in political action and/or personal and direct advocacy for and with others to eliminate poverty.

[2] Personal redistribution of wealth within the group.

[3] Public unanimity on positions taken by AAP as a group.

[4] Commitment to non-violent action.

[5] Willingness to collaborate and network with other groups and individuals on specific projects and events in an effort to build a movement to eradicate poverty.

[6] Refusal toseek or accept funding from any level of government.


Selection of Members

[1] AAP defines three kinds of members:

(a) Recipients are those members who receive a monthly honorarium from the group.

(b) Donors are those members who donate a monthly honorarium to the group.

(c) Companions are those members who neither receive nor donate a monthly honorarium, but who offer their skills and talents for the goals of the group.

All three kinds of members have full and equal right of voice and vote in our meetings.

Process for admitting new members:

(a) An AAP member makes the potential member aware of AAP’s Mission Statement/Principles of Action and Membership Expectations.

(b) The AAP member informs the current membership of the potential new member.

(c) The potential member is collectively invited to attend an AAP meeting.

(d) Should the potential member wish to become an AAP member, two members should meet with the person to review the Agreement of Membership for the new member’s signature.

Membership Expectations

[1] Members endorse AAP’s Mission Statement and Principles of Action.

[2] Members attend AAP’s periodic meetings.

 [3] Members take anti-poverty actions monthly, to the best of their ability, and riefly report on their anti-poverty activities in the next, periodic AAP meeting.

 [4] Whenever responding to emerging community events or issues on behalf of AAP, members consult the membership through email or telephone or through discussion with members of a given AAP subcommittee, then afterward discuss the action taken at the next periodic AAP meeting.

 [5] Members abide by the Guidelines for AAP meetings [see below].

Consequences for Not Meeting Membership Expectations

[1] The criteria for termination of membership are:

(a) Inactivity, i.e., irregular attendance or irregular participation.

(b) Expressing values and beliefs publicly - orally or in writing - that contradict AAP’s Mission Statement or Principles of Action.

[2] If an individual member is inactive, as defined above, or has expressed or is expressing values and beliefs that contradict AAP’s Mission Statement and Principles of Action, then at least two AAP members will converse with the member about terminating her or his membership.

[3] Any AAP member may raise issues of concern to AAP as a whole regarding anyone’s membership, if the matter cannot be resolved at the personal level.

Guidelines for AAP Meetings

AAP as a whole meets at least monthly.  To improve the way we discuss the issues and plans that we make, members precede discussion with a reminder of the following *“Guidelines for AAP Meetings”:

[1] Members take turns serving as chair for meetings, but serving is optional for members.

[2] To foster a greater sense of solidarity in the group, we begin each meeting with an opportunity for members to become better acquainted with one another and to “check in” with one another.

[3] Members keep confidential whatever personal information members disclose about themselves.

[4] Members listen respectfully to others and when making a contribution to the discussion, stay on topic.

[5] Members participate for the duration of the meeting unless they inform the group in advance of late arrival or early departure.

[6] A minute-taker concerning discussion of anti-poverty issues and plans is required for each meeting. He or she should distribute the minutes to all members promptly.


 Alliance Against Poverty Membership Agreement

  I, ____________________________, wish to become a member in good


 standing of the Alliance Against Poverty (AAP).

 I understand that AAP defines three kinds of members all of whom have full

 and equal right of voice and vote in our meetings:

 Recipients are those members who receive a monthly honorarium from the group.

 Donors are those members who donate a monthly honorarium to the group.

 Companions are those members who neither receive nor donate a monthly

 honorarium, but who offer their skills and talents for the goals of the group.


 I also understand that as a member of AAP I am expected to abide by the

 Guidelines for AAP meetings as indicated in the Agreement of Membership.


Signature:                                                            Date:                             


  Witness:                                                               Date:

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