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Platform Toward Ending Poverty

Our AAP Mission Statement begins with these words: “We are an alliance of individuals from a variety of economic and social situations who strive to end poverty within our society....” Fine, you might say, but HOW? Although the following demands by the AAP will not abolish poverty fully they would be substantive steps toward that end:

● Raise the assistance rates (both ODSP & OW) to the levels before the Mike Harris regime brought in its ruthless cuts, & peg these rates to inflation.

● Restore the full Special Diet supplement.

● Restore the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB) to its original level pegged to inflation.

● Inaugurate a provincial Living Wage Program, including job security & standard benefits, again pegged to inflation & geared to cost of living for any given locale.

● Stop the corporate-government assault against both workers (the trade union movement) and the poor.

● Strengthen existing support for the Ontario Federation of Labour’s (OFL) Common Front by more intensive local networking.

If you support any or all of these, let us know. Consider visiting one of our meetings and/or contact us at