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Anti-poverty activists shut parts of Kitchener core

Alliance Against Poverty members joined other anti-poverty groups in a “gentrification tour” protesting cuts to social assistance as part of the April 1 Coalition “day of action,” said organizer Joshua Day.

Demonstrators were demanding an increase in welfare and disability payments, and restoration of the Special Diet Allowance — additional funding given to people on social assistance for food costs related to medical conditions such as diabetes.“

The money and wealth is there. The deficit is a moral deficit,’’ said Oz Cole-Arnal of the Alliance Against Poverty. Cole-Arnal, an ordained Lutheran minister, is a retired Wilfrid Laurier University professor.He said it is “immorally abhorrent’’ that the poor bear the brunt of pain.Martin Suter lives on a disability pension of $1,050 a month and must go to the food bank and St. John’s Kitchen to supplement his meals.“I’m broke by the second week of the month. After rent and food, I have nothing left,’’ he said

To read the full article in the Record: Anti-poverty activists shut parts of Kitchener core (April 2, 2011)

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